The future begins

With the groundbreaking - for the extension in Mittelland - on the 25th August 2017, the Voigt Group has embarked on an ambitious construction project to set their course for the future. A shift of borders, an objection and nearly 1'000 days. All this has been done by the Voigt Group since the start of the project "Voigt Logistics Integration (VOLOGIN)" in January 2015.
With the extension of the Logistics Center Mittelland, the two sites Neuendorf and Niederbipp will be merged and therewith the activities of the Pharmaceutical Prewholesale and the Pharmaceutical Wholesale as well. To this day, there is no other plant in operation across Europe, which uses synergies to a comparable extent and handles both business activities within the same infrastructure. In future, the two divisions will use the innovative effects created by the extended logistics center, while expanding the range of services rendered at the same time. In consequence, the customers will gain a service provider which meets the highest market requirements in terms of quality and safety. Though, the market presence, as well as the legal separation between the two companies will remain as it is today.

Impressions groundbreaking

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